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First of all THANK YOU for following my blog this past year! It has been a huge learning experience for me and so much fun.

I wanted to provide a quick update so I don’t leave anyone hanging. 🙂 My time needs to be focused elsewhere right now, so I’ll be taking a break from posting for several months. BUT, I am not done blogging by any means. It’s definitely something I enjoy.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, I wanted to share a few quick lessons I’ve learned over the past 9 months:

  • Know that it takes a ton of time and patience! And you’ll wear many hats, unless you plan to outsource some of the work. Writing, proofreading, designing graphics, managing your website, managing social media and more. However, it’s worth it when you see the continued growth.
  • Try to define a niche before starting – looking back, I would have chosen a clearer focus. For example, just food blogging or just personal finance or a true lifestyle blog. (BTW – 95% of my 5,000 page views last month came from recipe posts.)
  • Define your brand before starting – logo, fonts, pin graphic styles, social media banners, colors. This was by far the hardest thing for me, because I had no design background. It was hard for my finance brain! Haha. Something I plan to work on with the help of a designer. But at the same time you have to start some where! 🙂
  • If you’re using WordPress, be careful about the plug-ins you use. Make sure the developer is updating them regularly and with WordPress version updates. They can crash your site.
  • Keep to a publishing schedule as much as you can. Blog posts, social media posts.
  • Do what feels right to you. There is an overwhelming amount of blogging advice out there — but just do what you feel comfortable with.

And I’d be happy to answer any questions you have:

Much love,



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